22 March 2012

Slinfold Magazine item - April 2012

Slinfold Village Hall News
We are grateful for the new and existing volunteers who came to the volunteers’ meeting in mid-March.  We now have a few more people to help with general maintenance and upkeep of the building, but can always use more to spread the workload.
Main Hall Floor
Several people have commented on the substantial improvement in the appearance of the Main Hall floor since it was stripped right down, retreated and re-polished in late February. To help maintain it in good condition we have been advised to ensure that when moving chairs around the hall we should not pull them across the floor but should lift them or use the chair trolleys.
Future Plans
The trustees were surprised recently to hear a rumour that they were “considering selling the Village Hall for residential use” so that a new modern facility could be built elsewhere in the village.  The trustees would like to stress that this is not the case.  The Village Hall charity, established in 1881, continues to focus on the existing building as the core of the charity’s remit to provide a Village Hall facility for Slinfold.  The trustees have every intention of completing the re-development of the Hall, which started with the £300,000 refurbishment and extension opened in 2001.  It was agreed at the last AGM that we should again begin to move forward with the plans to widen more of the main hall and raise the height of the low-ceilinged part, to create a larger and more consistent space.  (These plans had previously been put on hold for some years so as not to compete with fundraising for the recent development at the church.) 
Contacts: Neil Peachey (Chairman) -791554,    Trevor Dayneswood (Vice-chairman) – 790374
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