24 January 2013

Slinfold Magazine item - December 2012

Slinfold Village Hall News
New Volunteers
In the October magazine, we asked for a volunteer Minutes Secretary, and in the November magazine, for volunteer Event Organisers. We are very pleased to report that we received a response to each request, and both from newcomers to the village. We have met with both and the Minutes Secretary attended our November Trustees’ Meeting.
Several people have expressed their disappointment at the discontinuation of the Village Cinema, and we have received an offer of some help if we are able to restart it. We are investigating the possibility of having a Cinema evening in February, using one of the ‘touring cinema’ companies that visit other village halls monthly. Unfortunately, it would have to be mid-week (as the companies are already fully booked at weekends) and would likely mean running at a slight loss. Further information next month. Please volunteer if you could help in any capacity — the more help we have the more likely it is that the cinema will happen.
Other Events
We have also had preliminary discussions with our new volunteer Events Organiser about one or two other events we hope to arrange for late winter / early spring. Again, watch this space!
Fund Raising
The fortnightly Bridge Club recently arranged a Bridge Day as a fund-raising event for the Hall. It was attended by over 70 people and raised about £1,000, which we are planning to put towards new chairs. We are very grateful to Arthur Chopping and the other organisers for all the effort they put into this.
Finally, we would like to apologise that there has been the odd occasion recently when the Hall has not been as warm as we would have liked. The timer for the heating is set up to a week in advance. Weather changes and non-use over weekends can sometimes result in the Main Hall taking longer than usual to warm up — but we are addressing these issues. Hirers can help in two ways:
  • First, please ensure that any changes to your bookings are notified as early as possible so that the timers can be set accordingly (and so that we do not heat an unused hall).
  • Secondly, please advise us as soon as possible of any problems with the heating or any other building issue. Contact names and numbers are displayed around the building.
Contacts: Neil Peachey (Chairman) -791554,    Trevor Dayneswood (Vice-chairman) – 790374
website: slinfoldvillagehall.co.uk       Additional news & information: blog.slinfoldvillage hall.co.uk