30 November 2012

Summary of Trustees' Decisions - November 2012

• Interim process for handling complaints agreed.

• To accept the all the former Youth Club equipment from the Parish Council – apart from the 40 inch TV - which it is recommended be sold
• To subsidise a touring cinema company for the rest of the season (to March)
• Bookings Secretary to be given discretion to charge a lower amount than the minimum equipment hire fee where she considers it appropriate.
• Regular users who cancel a booking are not normally to be charged for it, although repeated instances would normally result in a fee being charged
• Bookings Secretary  to be provided with a pay-as-you-go mobile, if she wishes, for calls in relation to SVH.
• Late cancellations for sessions will not have the heating changed if the saving is not material compared to the cost of change
• A camera held in lost property is to be given to the Parish Council, the laminator is to be given to the Help Scheme
• Future items of lost property are to be labeled with the approximate date they were left on the premises.