10 November 2012

Slinfold Magazine item - June 2012

Slinfold Village Hall News
Your 130 year-old Village Hall is an independent charily. It is run by volunteer trustees for the benefit of Slinfold and has no affiliation to, or subsidy from, any other village body (eg the Parish Council, the Church). To-date, running costs have been met by rental income, and any fundraising or grants have gone to improving the Hall and its facilities. However the ongoing difficulties in finding new volunteers means that we are having to pay for more and more work that would previously have been done for free. This coming year we need to take action in order to balance the books. Our options include substantially raising rental rates, fundraising (which needs volunteer effort too) to subsidise running costs or just running down our reserves and hoping a rich benefactor appears before we become insolvent.
It is your Hall, so please come to the AGM and let us know your opinion.
Contact: Neil Peachey (Trustees' Chairman) -791554
website: slinfoldvillagehall.co.uk