10 November 2012

Slinfold Parish Council Newsletter - Q4 2012

Slinfold Village Hall
Slinfold Village Hall was built in 1881 to be used for the “benefit of the inhabitants of Slinfold”. It is not owned by, nor allied to, either the Parish Council or the Church, nor does it receive any operational subsidy from either. It is an independent charity, which is maintained and run on behalf of Slinfold’s inhabitants by its Trustees — volunteers who are either representatives of the Hall’s major users, or elected by residents at the Hall’s A.G.M. each June. All of the Hall’s income — which comes solely from hire charges, gifts, and fundraising — is used in running and maintaining the Hall.
Local Use
One way in which the Trustees seek to fulfil their objective of benefitting local inhabitants is by charging reduced hire rates to local groups and local residents (for non-commercial purposes). Both the Main Hall (with modern, professionally equipped Kitchen) and the smaller Parish Room (with Kitchenette for drinks) are available for hire for regular or one-off events on this basis.
For example, hire of the Main Hall and Kitchen for up to 4 hours (morning or afternoon) for a Children’s Party costs only £30.00 for a local resident (or child who attends Slinfold School), compared with £45.00 for a non-resident.
For adult parties, receptions, etc., the Main Hall and Kitchen can be hired by local residents for a 5-hour daytime session for £55.00 and for an evening session (6:00 p.m. to midnight) for £100.00, compared with £95.00 and £130.00 respectively for non-residents.
Remember, it is your hall, and the more use it gets, the less the hourly charge needs to be for everyone.
Booking enquiries to:
Gill Morrell (Bookings Secretary) at 01403-790736 or
Business Use
The Parish Room is fitted with a computer and a DVD player, both linked to a ceiling mounted projector, which can also be linked to a laptop. There is also a printer, free internet connection and WiFi. It is carpeted, and is particularly suited to presentations, discussions, and other meetings (up to 40 people) for business or social purposes.
The Main Hall is also available for business hiring, such as for exhibitions, sales, larger presentations, buffet events, and so on.
If you work for or know of a local business or organisation that might be interested in using the Hall for off-site meetings or other events, please make them aware of the facilities. (Booking enquiries as above.)
Commercial bookings help to keep the charges lower for local private and social hire.
Another way in which the Trustees seek to benefit the village is by arranging periodic “public entertainment” events. Unfortunately, those who have previously arranged the Village Cinema are unable to do so this season. We would, however, like to arrange some musical, theatrical or similar events for the village. The prime difficultly we currently face in this area is finding people to arrange and co-ordinate such an event. The Trustees have arranged several such events in the past, but — particularly as they are currently several members short of full complement — they do not themselves have the resources available to arrange additional events and would be grateful for one or more volunteers to help with this.
So, if you feel that you might be able to help with the arrangements in staging a “public entertainment” event at the Village Hall, we would be more than happy to hear from you. We would not leave you to do everything yourself! There are ample available dates in the Hall calendar, and we have some suggestions of performers that might be invited. We can provide contacts, ideas, guidance, advice and experience, but lack the necessary time. If you feel you might be able to help the village by assisting in this way, please contact:
Neil Peachey (Chairman) at 01403-791554 or chairman@slinfoldvillagehall.co.uk or
Trevor Dayneswood (Vice-chairman) at 01403-790374 or
Website: slinfoldvillagehall.co.uk      Additional news & information: blog.slinfoldvillage hall.co.uk