24 December 2011


Following complaints that the dishwasher was washing glasses with cold water, we have been in touch with the manufacturers. They have now advised us - contrary to the advice that we were originally given - that, as the dishwasher is not in regular/continuous use, it is necessary to allow a warm-up time of 60 - 90 minutes for the wash and rinse water tanks to heat up prior to use. Once the tanks have heated up, each wash cycle takes only about 2 minutes.

So please switch the dishwasher on - at the wall socket and on the front panel - at least 60 minutes before you expect to need it for washing up.

We would also remind users that the cylindrical 'plug' inside the dishwasher must be pushed in firmly (such that it needs a 'tug' to pull it out again) otherwise hot water will be continually leaking from the machine and be being replace with cold water.