22 December 2011

Slinfold Magazine item - September 2010

Dear Editors,
People retire; they are made redundant - even retire early.
They soon find they have time on their hands; yes they do!
There are some parents whose children have moved on to a senior school not in this village.
Some of these men and women could now contribute to - or if you don't like the phrase - help - this village, the village where you live.
By offering your time, some of it, in fact very little of the time you now have, to the Village Hall.
All sorts of things have to be done to keep it ticking so well - and to keep it up to a high standard for your children's use, for the old people, and indeed for everyone's use because, let's face it, the Village Hall is at the centre of this community. Granted, there are tennis, cricket and football clubs and the churches, but everyone can use and be entertained in the Village Hall. But a fact of life is that the team now helping out in running and maintaining it have been at it for 20 years or more and new blood is now needed.
Why not give it a try? All sorts of people are needed - YOU could be one of them.
Contacts:- Chairman Neil Peachey
and Vice chairman Trevor Dayneswood
Give the octogenarians a rest - come and give a hand
Yours sincerely
Jeremy Atkinson