22 December 2011

Slinfold Magazine item - October 2011

Slinfold Village Hall
Barbara Muller
For many years we have been very fortunate to have Barbara Muller as 'Head of House' for the Village Hall, looking after its day-to-day running, checking the hall most days, supervising the cleaning, checking supplies, setting the heating to come on for hirers, putting the wheelie bins out and in, and many other routine — and often unseen — tasks, all of which are important to ensure problem-free running of the Hall for those who use it.
Barbara resigned from the Trustees some 18 months' ago, but has continued helping in these and many other ways. She has now expressed her intention of stepping down as ‘Head of House’ at the end of October, and we should like to take this opportunity to express our huge thanks to her for all the time and effort she has spent 'behind the scenes' in contributing to the smooth running of the Hall.
Volunteers needed urgently
This brings us to the continuing need for more volunteers to help with the running and maintenance of the Hall. Several Trustees already put in a lot of time and effort in ensuring the hall is kept in good condition, and many Trustees are already committed to helping other groups too. We are looking for help in two main areas:
  • to help with some of the ‘House’ tasks listed above: it does not require one person doing everything, nor being committed every day — jobs can be shared; and
  • help with routine 'DIY' maintenance through occasional working parties: occasional more thorough cleaning, re-painting, gutter clearing, fixing or replacing broken items — all the type of jobs you have to do to your own property.
If you could find a little time to help maintain this community facility for the benefit of the whole village, or would like a little more information, please contact one of the Trustees, or Neil Peachey (Chairman) or Trevor Dayneswood (Vice-chairman).
Earlier this year we had a commercial dishwasher installed in the Hall, capable of washing a load in just 2 minutes, after initial heating. We recently had to call out the service engineer for a fault that turned out to have been 'Operator Error'. We would ask users to note that this is a commercial dishwasher, and is not operated in the same way as a domestic dishwasher. If you use it, please ensure that you read and follow the instructions carefully - if in doubt, please ask for a demonstration. In particular, it is critical to ensure that the tubular plug inside the machine is pushed in firmly — such that it needs a firm tug to remove it. If this is not done, the machine continually replaces lost hot water and fills with cold water, resulting in the wash not being hot enough, and more than a year’s-worth of very expensive detergent being used-up in just a few washes.